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The Hijacking of Islam

IMG_3501The problem with the hatred, fear and opposition to Muslims is one of terminology.  The Muslim religion is far from a unified group of believers.   Sunni versus shi’ite and other such internecine conflicts are one aspect.   Another opposing assumption is there is a mainstream, integrative Muslim sector that is trying to come to terms with modern society rather than destroy it.   Can we hate them?    The traditional or cultural Muslim who simple wishes to live his life in a safe and peaceful manner is often the first victim of the other, smaller group we’ve been trying to label Radical Islamists or extremists or simply Muslim terrorists.   Yet all these labels are misleading since they fail to differentiate an important difference, that the terrorist elements are really not Muslim or Islamist at all.   I propose to give them a more descriptive tag following one of the main things they’ve become known for: hijacking airplanes, the act of taking over, by force, a vehicle designed to serve one function and converting it into a tool for their own devious purposes of murder and mayhem.

Thus these Muslim fakers with their essentially Totalitarian Nazi beliefs claim to be true Muslims or Islamists, when in actuality they hijack Islam and convert it to the terrorism we see today.

The Islam Hijackers are going to create major changes in Western Society.   The alterations in belief systems have been spreading as a massive ripple northward from the middle east through Europe, into the United States and elsewhere.  Previously held views have come under serious critique.   Beneath the rhetoric is a relentless desire to stop “the infidel.”   The only guy on the block they must kill is the Jew, Israel.   Everyone else can join the “Jihad,” if they want to, or suffer the consequences.    This is a distorted view of historic Islam and the unpoliticized Islam of daily life.

What do they gain by eliminating the Jews?  Certain periods of history were heralded as the Golden Age of Islam where Jews were able to integrate in various ways into the Muslim world to the advantage of both.

Israel seems pretty heterogenous and western.   Yet in the long term central to the the Jewish world is the Torah.  Not to say all Israelis even believe in G-d or the Torah.  It is the measure of a Jew.  And what is it about the Torah that disturbs them?   One major theme is the differentiation of good and evil.   It travels disquised in the Christian bible all over the world.   There’s a lot of agreement with the Christian world regarding basic ethical tenets.  Yet, they want to extinguish the Torah and its representatives.

It’s source is a Divine Intelligence and Creative Force, Unknowable due to it’s simplicity yet Islam Hijackers alter history, and revise its contents.   Once used to fill in the gaps of their story and their “prophet” it is deposed, and ridiculed.   Why due they despise the one source of their own holy book?

Never the less, the Islam Hijackers are devoted to the effort to kill the Jews and topple Western Society and it’s “decadence.”   Is there decadence in the west?   Would anyone disagree there is decadence in the west?    Perhaps a few but some of the Islamic targets were considered outside decent society’s bounds only a hundred years ago in the west and especially the United States.   Immodest dress, sexual impropriety, and even alcohol were considered repugnant and still are by vast numbers .    So Judaism finds much agreement with certain points of Islam outrage.

Their ultimate goal, of world domination is a dreadful thought.

The Islam Highjacker leaders are quite clever in deceit and often charismatic.   Repetition of their Third Reich propaganda lulls many into complacency and are highjacked as well.   The wagons of modernity circle to defend the “Freedom Fighters” and media men who proliferate their own spin.    The core of their banality is the hidden corruption, hatred of life and old Nazi supremism clothed in Koranic sound bites.    They don’t know it but they are set  on course to finish Adolf’s work and they’re in turn highjacked by Europe, Russia and other old enemies like puppets on a string.


The Middle Path

Tanya printed in Faid
Tanya printed in Faid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fire, water, air and dust give rise to all traits.

Dust gives rise to depression.   Don’t be fooled, we are all in a constant battle with the “yetzer hara” (the inclination to do evil).     This is about the present while the “yetzer tov” is about the future (worlds).

Hashem helps those who make an effort to differentiate and seek the good.   Motivation is the way while leaving fear and warnings.

Mitzvos refine the person.    It’s the way to connect with G-d.

The person needs to Bless for the good and the bad, but with different Blessings.

Three reasons for suffering and pain:                                                                                                                                         1.  A little pain here saves from greater pain                                                                                                                      P10007382.  A test to see how we react by bringing one to a higher level.                                                                                                 3.  There’s no bad.    Yes, it seems bad but is not in the hidden world concealed from the eye.

Tanya 25-7