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The Art Metaphor of School Shootings

 The Art Metaphor of School Shootings

IMG_6959I spend my days evaluating and treating people with mental health problems.   As disturbing as the horrible slaughter of innocents is I like the metaphor of (murder) art because it takes the issue to a whole new level of accuracy without the simplification.
Just as one somehow finds himself in the role of an artist, often by exclusion of many other roles that don’t fit,  it is completely fruitless to seek the common denominator of artists.   It is the differences that give them notoriety, fame or popularity.    Then there are the issues of execution,  elegance and the power of expression.    This follows the earlier stages of development and formation of the artist, his media and style.
Of course there is a risk of sounding callous or unsympathetic to the victims when the brutality is compared to something as sublime as art . In reality art can seem so but actually has great power to influence and form values.   This is another aspect, the influence on the “state of the art,”  our appreciation of their craft and the horizons it may open for us (in this case the opening of evil).
Contrary to the struggling artists trying to make their mark, our murder artists get instant recognition, and “fame.”   This is the “western jihadist.”   Fame.  Yet our sensitivity to evil and its reality makes it nearly impossible to speak of these things on their own terms.    We do hear in passing the evil Austrian flunked out of art school leaving him to seek recognition in other ways.
There are many other models of violent crime being tossed around, like viral loads, and the epidemiology seems to show some promise in deepening our understanding but loathe as I am to say it,   the gun is more powerful and immediate than the brush.     There is also much less certainty of success and more competition in the creative arts.
Murder is, thanks to the widening influence of the media,  such a big seller even if the final act rapidly dwarfs once the smoke clears leaving  the survivors to grapple with their misery.    Yet the secret society of alienated and impressionable souls are waiting for the inspiration, and preparation to make their way to upstage the ones who thought they finally got it right.


Letter to the Adolescent Clock Stoppers

I don’t like you.   You are very confused.  That’s not why I don’t like you.  It’s because you make other people suffer because you are so confused but deny it.

IMG_7503One thing youre confused about is the clock.  Yes,  you seem to think time should succumb to you by stopping it for anyone you want.   What makes you think its okay to stop the clock because of your beliefs.  Well you are just wrong.  You are just a man and all other men (and women and children) come to this earth with their clock ticking.  It’s not your clock so what right do you have to just shut it down?

None.  That’s how much right you have.  None.

I don’t like you because you are hurting  your own people.  They didn’t do anything to you.  Their clocks are running along and suddenly you shut them dowm with your toys.  Yes, all your guns and explosives are toys to you except they are very dangerous.  You’ve been playing with them for so long that you forgot or got used to how dangerous they are.  They very often stop other peoples clock’s ticking.  Sometimes even your own when you wrap them around you and let your clock destroy your own clock.

I don’t like you because of all the damage you are doing to your own friends, neighbors and families.  Yes, those people living around you.  I don’t like anyone who shuts down someone elses clocks but then those people who write the news blame us for criticizing your “coping mechanism.”    You’re unhappy with your lot so you decided to alter time by stopping clocks.

Peace As A Political Agenda

THE FIRE LION FLOORI wish to cast no aspersion on those who espouse and embrace world peace as a goal to reach for.   It sure beats the pursuit of war.    But I believe the emphasis, as wholesome and correct as it is will not be achieved in the way groups such as Peace Now!, the Peace and Freedom Party, and other so-called Leftist groups do it.

Again, I don’t question the honest and decent values of those who seek the end of all wars.   Hashem should Bring on the Redemption.

This is the thing,  I get very aggravated with many things related to the peace movement.  A lot of people do.   I may agree with the conservative opposition whose also aggravated and turned off by the nature of the movement.

These days pent up rage is almost epidemic when it comes to geopolitics, the growing savagery and poverty in the world.   Political agendas can’t work in the abstract, as legislation or in the media.   The polemic stance of the left, often aggravating and provocative, of World Peace must turn their view inward.

Shalom Bayis (Peace in the Home) is the cornerstone of Judaism.   Without it one has no peace of Blessing.   All true success in life starts with Shalom Bayis.   One must pursue peace with the wife  and family,  and like dropping a stone in a puddle causes the waves to spread out in all directions peace is generated outward and remains.

The basic assumption of leftist or radical ant-war politics is backwards, especially with the Jewish, Pro-Palestinian movements in Israel and elsewhere.   As a Jewish nation, Chazal describes us as one body where a single Jew suffering means every Jew is suffering.   This family  includes every Jew, regardless of orientation or beliefs.   Peace cannot be established outwardly and forced inward in the absence of Shalom Bayis.


I’m new today and was yesterday and the day before.    

It’s the machine brain that makes it seem “like it’s the same old thing.”

That’s it!    Our mind fogs the Truth in memory and desire.    And what of today?    Can we get a glimpse of reality?  


Only through humility can we be objective.