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American Mufti

One man had a patch of ground and reigned supreme.    He planted, nourished and harvested a strain of perverse vegetation that, once took root spread like a wild-fire to near and distant territories.     He sensed his habitat fertile and ready  for his hand and persuasion and lived to see it flourish.   Like simple grasshoppers transform into locust hordes devouring everything in its wake a transformation took place.

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem had a spectacular, ego-driven  hunger for power and a fully fueled capacity to deceive.   His ability to mimic integrity was unrivaled.    At the moment the authorities tried to stop him,  he changed gender and slipped away to the awaiting arms of his admirers.   With charisma and cunning he transplanted his viral seeds where ever he went to the delight of his like-minded cronies.

Ancient kingdoms long diminished grasped at his promises of ascendency.   To the north the head of the beast anxiously awaited the Mufti’s allegiance and was not disappointed.    He came to this monster among men as the wolves formed this growing pact.   “We will unit against our stubborn stupid opposite, the vile Jew, and eliminate all his words, once and for all.   We will merge our mutual contempt for their book of rules and cast a new creation.   This will be hidden in the chaos of battle with great powers who also want to be rid of the moral deep inside.

Like the brother’s unite,  the sons of the king, rise and slay their father but he will not die.   They’ve underestimated the binding of Isaac,  Jacob’s cunning and the True King of all creation.     No,  intoxicated with his witty successes he drove his design forward,  euphoric over his own magnificence.    The fox became a wolf once a man.    His gardens became tepid swamps steeped in blood.     The wolf-men flourished and multiplied on this plush red vegetation as they lost the sense of gravity and speech.   It appeared heaven had been submerged in the Garden of Evil.   Yes, it appeared to be so…zombies roamed the earth while the sheep awaited their own demise.

But the victory went to the descendants of the Holy.   Those who linked arms with G-d’s chosen people were fortified and the beast was overwhelmed into submission.    The vast lands of America,  the wholesome people set way for unparalleled abundance and growth but the beast was still lurking under the cover of guile.    The seeds had been sown and the tenacity of blood lust continued to seep into the aged roots of the great societies of Europe and America.

Fast forward,   a man had a patch of ground and suddenly reigned supreme.    He had suckled the breasts of men who reveled in scarlet dreams, he had risen through dark, hidden chambers to a blinding light.  The blood moon showed itself as it did through past histories.   The people were drawn to this strange fire and succumbed to his hidden plans. He ascended the throne of lies and trickery and the gridlock froze his bewildered subjects  into endless dialogue.

This man was cut from the cloth of barbarians dressed in fine suits.   An American president once rallied for the freedom of independence,  and the love of one’s neighbor.     How far away that seems,  as the enemies of our fathers inhabit our cities,  and demand our attention.     The Grand Mufti would be overjoyed to see our White House floating in the blood of innocents.    Shall we surrender to our new Grand Mufti,  shall we bring him to power again and again?