I am overwhelmed with an oppression that sits on my flesh and heart.   It’s crept in to my life most of the last 60 years for periods of time that oppress my thoughts and emotions.    It is like a forced occupation of my simcha, huddling it to the corner as it dances it’s dark fire freely into my attention.

The occupier bitters and darkens me.   I am driven to break it’s hold until I am weary and suddenly it vanishes.   Music and lightness return to me briefly. “

I would call them hosts of demons, angels with tainted tasks and programed by dark forces.    They are powerless and empty and depend purely on persuasion.    They must not be underestimated.     Because their persuasion is based on trickery and deceit and really has no goal other than to battle with The Holy One through you (us).

And yet, due to their persistence we allow ourselves to be convinced we are the powerless ones. We are subject to their unrelenting domination and seek help with the burdens.    We don’t hear anyone tell us about them and we are disappointed.

They are more a mirror and echo to our own darkness.    Likely their response is a pathway to Holiness but we don’t hear it and we don’t even know it.

Why do you host so many of these little demons?  


  1. Interesting train of thought Gershon. My interpretation of your passage is not a universal one, but rather a personal and spiritual look into ourselves. I believe we give away our power to our personal demons. They ransack our lives in search of something we know very little about and yet at the same time understand completely. Demons come visiting and we invite them in.

    I don’t mind sitting with them a while as long as I can understand why I need them in my life. Once I understand the purpose they have for me I can disarm them and I no longer allow them the control they once enjoyed. Nonetheless, they continue to come knocking. I bargain with them and then send them on their way.
    Best wishes,

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