S Monica Chess Players close HDR

I don’t know how long, but its been awhile I’ve probably become indecisive.   Sometimes I’m sure but then I begin to wonder how I could be sure of being indecisive.   Isn’t that a decision?

If I have a problem I usually see two possibilities but think maybe they’re both wrong and there’s really an even better solution that I can’t think of?   So I’m stuck choosing between two wrong solutions or not knowing the right one.

I’m currently wondering whether I should continue writing this.

But since I started it I don’t think I can just stop.   The burden of a decision seems to outweigh making it.    I’m not so sure though.

No solution seems complete enough to simply decide by myself.   I hope something will happen or someone will just tell me what to do.    I don’t think I was always like this but lately I see one side that  seems right, all things considered.    It’s uncanny that I may suddenly see an opposing view that has equal merit.

Perhaps my indecision is fueled by my limitations?S Monica Chess Players close HDR



1 thought on “Indecision

  1. This feels familiar. Limitations yes, but what limitations? Spiritual? Physical? Mental? Emotional? Which one? Or a little of it all. I’m still undecided.

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