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One World?

Being a commuter is pretty common.   Both words begin with “comm” because it is so common.   Going from place to place or movement with breaks, is what living things do.  Or is it only traveling away from home to work and back?   The psychiatrist does leave home for three months at a time to work in another city, another country.   After the contract job is finished he heads home for another life with his wife and family in his home for a few months.

His two lives (worlds) are aspects of geography on a map.   Two points.  Kabbalists and some scientists talk about the existence of unlimited worlds within and beyond the physical world.   How can this be understood?    We see the single world we live on and the distant stars and planets.   With powerful microscopes we see the substance of the tiny, inner worlds making up the physical world.    But how to relate to the Worlds of the Kabbala is not commonly known.  The doctor is not well versed in Kabbala.

To paraphrase a famous Chassidic rabbi, answering his prison guard why he had no fear of his weapons he said, “You live in one world with many g-ds while I have One  G-d and many worlds.”    The simple commute between countries somehow led to the expansion into many worlds.    They go back and forth in time as well as space.  There’s the worlds of sleep, pain and pleasure.   A world of hurt.   What about bliss?